King Extracts |The King Ready-To-Vape Vaporizer

The King Ready-To-Vape Vaporizer is not the average Vape Pen you come across on the shelve. Designed as an Innovative technology that is supported and developed from the highest grade DSCN0623-001materials and advanced technology, its unique design, slim sleek and portable to conceal and fits into pocket or bag. Its never-leak design and see-through extraction level window makes usage reliable and absolves users from the uncertainty or worry of trying to find the right level when on the go. This portable device will deliver more quality vape experience and outstanding performance.

The design has a blend of style that will precede the want for spoken words and guarantees the exception you assume with the performance level you hope for. That is an appropriate vape for any vape fanatic that prefers a degree of particular fashion for reflecting the messages that they need to carry.


Rated as an exceptional model in its class, The King Ready-To-Vape Vaporizer has a unique Vortex Tip that stands out with a quieter delivery of vapor when used. The design makes users feel the right amount of resistance needed for each draws making a perfect and smooth experience. Users get to enjoy the massive vapor for every pull with a density that is dependent on the force of intake and the length of time vapor is held.

The extraction liquid chamber is a molded, no-sponge reservoir that prevents leaking and liquid contamination. The durability is assured and extracts not compromised by any foreign matter due to contamination.

The heating element is made of a non-chromium element which makes it much safer and resistant to corrosion. This allows extractions more evenly heated than what is found in regular vaporizers resulting in the precise temperature for vaporization of our extracts.

This device is also equipped with smart technology with an integrated flex circuit to deliver the required power to each of the components inside the vaporizer. This replaces the common hand-soldered wires that can are not reliable and eliminates the high failure rate related to hand soldering and ensures continuous distribution of power to all components of the device.

It has an intelligent, advanced microprocessor that Controls the temperature regulation of the heating element to prolong the battery life of the King Vaporizer. This guarantees the maximum amount of puffs is delivered with each device.

King Extracts: The King Ready-to-Vape Vaporizer is exclusively available to Members of Quality Buds. When it comes to Quality call your Buds!


In order to have access the Medical Cannabis Products and Services provided by our affiliated Exclusive Collectives you must provide Quality Buds with your doctors recommendation for medical cannabis, and a proof of California Residency (CA ID).

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