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What is The Good Stuff Tonics?

Born with a vision of creating healthy edibles, The Good Stuff Tonics are natural products made from organic ingredients available locally. A careful and in-depth study of the cannabis industry shows that lots of edible products have compromised standards. As a better alternative that can be trusted, The Good Stuffs Tonics will be serving the whole Food market to meet the growing demand for Cannabis Infused Kombucha

The Good Stuffs Tonics production procedure involves multi-stage testing and analysis to ensure that it is free of Pesticides and microbial to ultimately exceed the standard quality and potency. We believe in the “Entourage Effect” and work to create products that offer a full spectrum cannabinoid profile.

The gut is the center of our health. Research in recent time started to piece together this know fact on our health and mental health. The result shows that 90% of our serotonin is created by bacteria in the gut which is responsible for a person happiness and mood. It further indicates that the functionality of bacteria in the gut can be improved in diets by taking fermented foods such Kombucha and The Gut


A study on Crohn’s  patient further revealed the efficacy of this benefit. A total of twenty-one patients were examined, and eleven had Crohn’s (10 placebo). 11 patients were served with Crohn’s two sativa joints a day. The study results showed that 10 out of 11 patients responded positive and 5 patients experienced a complete remission from symptoms. The study proves that if synergistically combined, it will create great medicine and this is what our product does.

THC Kombucha

Good Stuff Tonic’s THC Product includes Ginger Apple and Crimson Root Kombucha which provide a fermented, fizzy, tasty experience with the added benefits of THC. A 16oz bottle contains Billions of live probiotics created naturally through the fermentation process. The end product of the fermentation is an Organic, GMO-Free edible that will make you feel fantastic. It is a huge boost to fighting inflammation and other challenges to the Digestive system.

Good Stuff Tonic’s CBD Product, on the other hand, is Blueberry Fields high in CBD

CBD Kombucha

and comes with 50mg CBD and 4mg THC. THC is a medicine some users are more sensitive to than others or just want to avoid the heavy psychoactivity. We brand blueberry field High as “Relaxed Focus and Minimal High”. Thanks to the low amount of THC, more of the Kombucha can be consumed allowing the potential for greater medicinal impact for the THC-sensitive or those with the 4mg of THC allowing some psychoactivity.

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