Topical Cannabis and Pain

If you want to take care of your body, you should consider using   lotions, balms, and oils to nurture your skin and offer it the necessary nutrients. But did you know that topical cannabis can provide this type of results? Yes, with help from topical cannabis you will have no problem eliminating things like inflammation, soreness or even localized pain.

Why are these cannabis topicals efficient, though? The reason is simple, the CBD and THC included in these topicals work via binding a network of CB2 receptors.

These receptors are found all over your body, and you can activate them naturally, or you can use cannabis compounds from these topics to activate those receptors.

The great thing about these topicals is that even if they include THC, they won’t induce that state of high. You just get pain relief and a sense of calmness without dealing with a sense of “high” that you usually get from other forms of cannabis injection.

Topicals will not enter your bloodstream; they will just enter your system and activate the CB2 receptors. So, using these is not harmful at all, you will be very impressed with the results, and the experience will be amazing in the end.

However, if you opt for the transdermal patches, you will see that these will enter the bloodstream and you can feel some psychoactive effects. As long as you take your time and study each option, the experience can be a magnificent one. The idea is not to rush when you use these and understand if the topical you plan on using does have immediate access to the bloodstream or not. This will show you the potential benefits you can harness here or what challenges might come from using it. Remember, you should not rush, just take your time and results will be very good in the end.

What can you treat with topical cannabis? Quite a lot of symptoms. From muscle soreness to inflammation or various pains, all of these can be addressed via topicals. However, don’t use topicals all the time when you feel such a pain, try to vary the way you deal with these problems. If you don’t use variations, results will not be as good, and this does not work as good as you expect in the end.

As long as you have pains or anything similar caused by inflammation, you will find the topical cannabis to be very helpful. It all comes down to having the right dosage and using it only when necessary. A warming balm might be suitable for intense pain, whereas CBD can do wonders with inflammation. THC based topicals might even help you if you want to remove cramps and headaches.

Simply put, topical cannabis does bring a ton of value and quality, it all comes down to you to having the right approach. Quality Buds exclusively carries Elder Apothecary’s Dragon Pain Salve – Don’t hesitate and harness the power of topical cannabis; it will be more than impressive. Check it out, and you will enjoy its results!

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