Growing Cannabis in California

It’s been legal to grow Medical Cannabis in the state of California since the passing of Proposition 215 in 1996 and now the passing of Proposition 64 allows  Californians can legally grow up to 6 plants for recreational purposes – So many Californians are becoming more interested in Growing Cannabis.

Growing Cannabis outdoors is optimal during the summer months and Growing Cannabis indoor during the winter months is useful for many reasons, but mostly because you can control the grow environment. The broadening of cannabis laws has spurred on a massive cannabis industry that requires many rules and regulations before you can start Growing Cannabis commercially. Even if you grow at home for your own personal consumption you will need a budget to set up an indoor grow. There are a several components you will need first before you start Growing Cannabis – let’s review five important considerations below.
Location: We suggest you purchase an indoor tent that could accommodate 1 plant to 10 plants or more. Grow tents are a good enclosure to use for controlling your cannabis environment.
Growing Medium: There are many options available to growers from clay pellets ( LECA ), vermiculite, perlite, coir and even soil. A good growing medium is needed for strong cannabis roots and absorption of water. But you could also grow using the traditional method of using soil and compost.
Air-flow: Air-flow is a vital component of any grow operation. Fast growing cannabis likes a lot of clean air. Indoor growers need active or passive fans to circulate clean outside air through the cannabis leaves and expel out using more fans. You also have the option of using air-conditioning systems for larger grow operations.
Lighting: Indoor grow equipment is expensive and lights are probably going to be your biggest setup cost and usage of electricity will be on of your largest running costs. There are many options available to growers, from High-pressure sodium and metal-halide lights through to LED, energy efficient lights. LED grow lights have developed fast and can now compete with HPS lights when it comes to yield, LED grow lights also have the benefit of reducing your need for the electrical grid.
Electricity: Electricity is a huge factor when it comes to Growing Cannabis indoors or even outdoors. Every grower needs to budget for their electrical needs on a monthly basis if growing cannabis indoors. Some large commercial cultivators are using $100,000’s dollars each month to power up their fans, air-conditioning units and lighting systems. This not mentioning replacement costs of light bulbs and other growing equipment on an ongoing basis. Identifying your energy efficiency early on is a clever step in the right direction for Growing Cannabis. As with all legalization taking place throughout the United States, more and more growers are putting a strain on the power-grid and therefore have to take into account their own energy efficiency needs, throughout their business model.

We hope this helps! Growing Cannabis can be hard, but also rewarding! Researching the best energy efficient indoor growing equipment and procedures will  save you a lot of dollars, and also great for the environment.

Pharma Hemp CBD – Decarboxylated Hemp Oil

What does Decarboxylated mean?pexels-photo-220989.jpeg

Decarboxylation is a chemical process that removes a carboxyl group and releases carbon dioxide (CO2). All cannabinoids naturally occour in their acid forms and Decarboxylation concerts cannabinoids like THCA to THC & CBDA to CBD, making the cannabinoids active and bioavailabile.

Benefits of Decarboxylated Hemp Oil

Decarboxylated hemp oil is a refined extract of hemp oil that may be used as a dietary supplement to provide many health benefits. Here are few components and benefits derived from it.


Minerals help metabolic processes and nerve functions of the body. The usefulness of minerals to the body is not limited to these two. Other functions include the building of strong bones, formation of blood and maintaining healthy skin and hair. Hemp oil contains calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, potassium and iron.


Decarboxylated Hemp Oil contains some varieties of natural vitamins. It contains vitamins A, C, and E. Also present are B complex vitamins such as thiamine, niacin, and riboflavin. Beta-carotene that is not sufficiently present in many diets is present in hemp oil.

Essential Fats

Essential fatty acids are critical to the proper health of the heart and the cardiovascular when consumed at the right proportion. Two essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 must be taken at a 3:1 proportion in an ideal case. This is far from the reality in most American diet as what is likely obtained is about 25:1. Hemp oil offers a 3:1 ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids.


Protein is responsible for the building and repair of body tissues, and hemp oil provides the body with healthy protein. Hemp oil provides the body with 20 amino acids that are healthy for the body.

In conclusion, CBD rich medicinal decarboxylated hemp oil has superior medicinal benefit to the body as it provides the body with essential and healthy nutrients such as essential fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Pharma Hemp CBD Decarboxylated Hemp Oil


Pharma Hemp CBD Decarboxylated Oil is a leading product, having a guaranteed potent, natural and Cannabidiol (CBD)-rich hemp oil. Legal on the market and available in 1 gram, 5 gram & 10 gram increments to meet consumers usage, Pharma Hemp CBD Decarboxylated Hemp Oil remains one of the best product you can find.

Many use this Decarboxylated hemp CBD oil by adding it to baking recipe and others ingested orally, by itself. It contains neither preservatives nor fillers. No present solvent or additives and sourced Non-GMO industrial hemp, free of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers

Legal CBD


Although the Cannabis plant contains 100s of Cannabinoids – THC and CBD are the most predominant and well-known. THC is responsible for the ‘’high’’ gotten from Cannabis – while CBD has its atoms differently arranged making it non-psychoactive. What Makes CBD illegal? The answer is, where is comes from and the total THC content.

Federally Legal CBD includes products and foods derived from Industrial Hemp. The Controlled Substance Act has allowed use of lawfully imported hemp oil for decades. The main provision is the byproduct cannot be derived from material excluded from the Controlled Substances Act – but must be derived from the stalks or seeds of mature Industrial Hemp.

Section 7606 of the act, Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research of the Industrial Hemp act of 2013 removed Industrial Hemp from the Controlled Substance Act by  simple stating, “the term, ‘marihuana’ does not include industrial hemp” and it defines industrial hemp as Cannabis sativa L. with a delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration of not more than .3 percent on a dry weight basis. In addition, it enabled licensing for Farmers in the United Statesto cultivate industrial hemp if they are partnered with institutions of higher education or state departments of agriculture in states that  legalized hemp cultivation to regulate and conduct research and pilot programs

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Cannabinoids for Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a major factor i­n autoimmune diseases like multiple scle­rosis, lupus, colitis or arthritis. Cann­abinoids, when taken, reduces the level ­of C-reactive protein which in turns dec­reases inflammation. THC also can alter ­DNA expression in a way that ultimately ­suppresses inflammation.

CBD, CBN, CBC, THC, CBG and as much as o­ther 80 chemicals are classed as cannabi­noids and are found in the cannabis plan­t. These cannabinoids are responsible fo­r the effect created by the consumption ­of cannabis. Cannabinoids have therapeut­ic benefits out of which is the reductio­n of inflammation.

For example, THC helps in pain relief, i­nsomnia, relaxation and appetite stimula­tion. It is also known to have an anti-d­epressant effect. CBD is good for pain r­elief as a result of convulsion and infl­ammation. It also gives great relief for­ patients with epilepsy, fibromyalgia, a­nd MS. Another significant benefit is it­s ability to inhibit the growth of cance­rous cell as this is done by combining i­t with THC. CBC has a sedative effect an­d helps relaxation. CBG is notable for i­nflammation reduction and also useful in­ the reduction of intraocular pressure i­n the case of glaucoma.

Healing and Psycho- Active Benefits of C­annabinoids

Consumption in edible or vapor form ­is the most common for effective Cannabi­noid dosing. Hemp oil is considered as t­he most nutritious oil derived from a pl­ant. This is because it contains 80% ess­ential fatty acids in the appropriate ra­tio 3:1 for Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils.

There many other health conditions that ­cannabis can help in treating. Below are­ few of diseases that cannabinoids can t­reat.

Cancer­ – Cancer cells can be slowed down, shra­nk and killed by cannabinoid such as THC­ which turns off ID-1 gene which is resp­onsible for cancer.

Glaucoma ­– cannabis helps in reducing intraocular­ pressure (IOP) which is responsible for­ glaucoma.

Arthritis ­– Sativex derived from cannabinoids help­s in the significant reduction of inflam­mation and pain.

Epileptic seizures – ­eliminating seizure is now possible thro­ugh the use of THC which binds brain cel­ls that are responsible for relaxation a­nd managing excitability.

Multiple sclerosis MS­ – cannabis can help in treating muscle ­contraction as in the case of MS. Patien­ts are relieved from pain as it serves a­s a fast acting- agent for sudden sympto­ms.

Parkinson’s disease­ – it helps the fine motor skill of suff­erers as it treats tremors and pains.

Crohn’s disease­ – it treats the symptoms which include ­inflamed bowels and nausea and also cure­s the disease by restoring the normal in­testinal function in the body.

Endocannabinoids & Your Health

The Endocannabinoid SystemEndocannabinoids are found throughout our body, including the receptors. The primary function of the Endocannabinoids system ECS is maintaining homeostasis which is to ensure that the body is stable internally despite changes in the external environment. The failure of the balance of ECS is what often leads to disease in the body system. ECS controls many processes in the body such as sleep and appetite. It affects the immune system, nervous system acting as a bridge between the body and mind.

Cannabinoids receptors are found in cell membranes all over the body and believed to be the most populous receptor system in the body. When these receptors are stimulated, it sets in motion different physiologic processes.

Phytocannabinoids are found to stimulate cannabinoids receptors. Phytocannabinoids are found in plants, and they include THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol). Of these three, THC is the most psychoactive.

Cannabinoid Receptors

Cannabinoids receptors are found in many parts of the body, and they act as binding sites for both endogenous cannabinoids and cannabinoids present in cannabis. These receptors are located in the brain, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal and virtually all parts of the body.

There are two types of receptors namely; CB1 and CB2. These two receptors are prominent in the brain and immune system than in other parts of the body. When these receptors bind with the cannabinoids, the body experiences vivid changes. The body naturally produces Endocannabinoids to stimulate these receptors.

Effect of Cannabis on ECS and Good Health

Due to the harsh environment, our surrounding world has turned into; we need a functional cannabinoids system to maintain good health. To achieve this, there is a need for the body to produce more Endocannabinoids and receptors by taking small doses of cannabinoids from cannabis.

Herbal cannabis contains a variety of cannabinoids, and they all work together for better health. Cannabis can be smoked as it is safe except for those that affected by it due to respiratory irritation, it is advisable that such use vaporizer, topical salve or cannabis tincture. Medical cannabis is beneficial in the treatment of a variety of disease as research is ongoing to ascertain this in the area of preventive healthcare.

Higher Vision Cannabis’ Award-Winning Super Oil

What are Concentrates?

Higher Vision 1Cannabis concentrates are made from an extraction of beneficial compounds in cannabis plants producing a concentrate of therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes in a pure form. The process of extraction is similar to those used to produce vitamins, minerals and to decaffeinate coffee. There are two categories of concentrate extractions: solvent and solventless extractions. Solvent extraction is made using CO2, alcohol, propane or butane through a process of applying pressure in a closed-loop system. Solventless Extraction uses the same method of extraction but, only water is used as the solvent.

Distillates are extracted through short path distillation through the technique of refining molecules and removal of contaminants producing a clean concentrate. This method produces a high purity level and Higher Vision  Cannabis’ Super Oil stands tall as a pure extract.

Higher Vision Cannabis

Higher Vision 2Higher Vision Cannabis’ goal is to heal the world with Cannabis and aims to unlock the vast healing potential of cannabis by producing medicine, fuel, food, and fiber. Starting with their Award-Winning creation, Super Oil – Higher Vision Cannabis vows to bring health and healing to the world by expanding to all things cannabis.

About Super Oil


Super Oil is a pure distillate with high terpenes and no additives. Higher Vision Cannabis uses organically grown flower with Conscious Cannabis Chemistry™ utilizing only organic alcohol as a solvent to produce our Super Oil. Super Oil is one product that has a variety of applications – It is dabbable, edible, vapeable and topically active. All their products are SC Labs tested and certified. The quality of Super Oil is guaranteed pure considering the triple testing process carried on the product to test for mycotoxins, pesticides and residual solvent insuring clean, safe medicine for Higher Vision Cannabis’  patients.
Higher Vision Cannabis is set to hit Collectives and Recreational stores in July of 2017. Keep an eye out for Higher Vision Cannabis’s – Super Oil near you!

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Difference Between THC and CBD


Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol also known as CBD and THC respectively are two important extracts of the marijuana plant and they belong the particular class of compounds called Cannabinoids. THC are in abundance in many strains of marijuana, but strains with High-CBD are rare.

CBD is more popular for medical usage due to its properties that are unique. One of the richly valued properties of CBD is the non-psychoactive property. And couple with its antipsychotic properties. Research shows that CBD reduces the psychoactive effect that is familiar with THC consumption, dampening the extreme high that THC would have caused.
Also in addition to the ability to manage the extreme negative of THC, CBD is also being used in the treatment of schizophrenia.

Widespread use of Cannabis

Cannabis has found its application in different popular consumable products making it more appealing and friendly to consume in recent years, a total departure from years of neglect. Due to the ability of Cannabinoids to dissolve in alcohol, it has become useful in making edible drinks such as medical Marijuana beverages available in dispensaries.
Another popular use of cannabis is in the making of topical cannabis salves, and body rubs used as pain creams. They are rubbed on the skin making them very efficient with no need for inhalation or consumption. They are used to soothe pains and aches, be it headaches, rashes, soreness psoriasis and inflammation.

Benefits of THC & CBD

Starting with THC, THC is responsible for the ‘’high’’ gotten from marijuana plant and when properly used helps the body to relax, reduce aggression and also helps the appetite. It also has a medical application in reducing nausea, improves spasticity and bladder function. It is an excellent pain killer, reduces pressure on the eyes and can lessen tremors in the case of spinal cord injury.
On the other hand, despite sharing the same chemical formula with THC, CBD has its atoms differently arranged making it non-psychoactive. CBD creates a balance to the extremes of THC by working together to reduce psychotic symptoms, relief convulsion, reduces anxiety and inflammation. CBD has many medical benefits like in treating Schizophrenia, depression and in reducing pain.

Both THC and CBD have numerous of benefits. Have a specific question on THC or CBD? Let us know!