Pharma Hemp CBD – Decarboxylated Hemp Oil

What does Decarboxylated mean?pexels-photo-220989.jpeg

Decarboxylation is a chemical process that removes a carboxyl group and releases carbon dioxide (CO2). All cannabinoids naturally occour in their acid forms and Decarboxylation concerts cannabinoids like THCA to THC & CBDA to CBD, making the cannabinoids active and bioavailabile.

Benefits of Decarboxylated Hemp Oil

Decarboxylated hemp oil is a refined extract of hemp oil that may be used as a dietary supplement to provide many health benefits. Here are few components and benefits derived from it.


Minerals help metabolic processes and nerve functions of the body. The usefulness of minerals to the body is not limited to these two. Other functions include the building of strong bones, formation of blood and maintaining healthy skin and hair. Hemp oil contains calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, potassium and iron.


Decarboxylated Hemp Oil contains some varieties of natural vitamins. It contains vitamins A, C, and E. Also present are B complex vitamins such as thiamine, niacin, and riboflavin. Beta-carotene that is not sufficiently present in many diets is present in hemp oil.

Essential Fats

Essential fatty acids are critical to the proper health of the heart and the cardiovascular when consumed at the right proportion. Two essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 must be taken at a 3:1 proportion in an ideal case. This is far from the reality in most American diet as what is likely obtained is about 25:1. Hemp oil offers a 3:1 ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids.


Protein is responsible for the building and repair of body tissues, and hemp oil provides the body with healthy protein. Hemp oil provides the body with 20 amino acids that are healthy for the body.

In conclusion, CBD rich medicinal decarboxylated hemp oil has superior medicinal benefit to the body as it provides the body with essential and healthy nutrients such as essential fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Pharma Hemp CBD Decarboxylated Hemp Oil


Pharma Hemp CBD Decarboxylated Oil is a leading product, having a guaranteed potent, natural and Cannabidiol (CBD)-rich hemp oil. Legal on the market and available in 1 gram, 5 gram & 10 gram increments to meet consumers usage, Pharma Hemp CBD Decarboxylated Hemp Oil remains one of the best product you can find.

Many use this Decarboxylated hemp CBD oil by adding it to baking recipe and others ingested orally, by itself. It contains neither preservatives nor fillers. No present solvent or additives and sourced Non-GMO industrial hemp, free of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers

Higher Vision Cannabis’ Award-Winning Super Oil

What are Concentrates?

Higher Vision 1Cannabis concentrates are made from an extraction of beneficial compounds in cannabis plants producing a concentrate of therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes in a pure form. The process of extraction is similar to those used to produce vitamins, minerals and to decaffeinate coffee. There are two categories of concentrate extractions: solvent and solventless extractions. Solvent extraction is made using CO2, alcohol, propane or butane through a process of applying pressure in a closed-loop system. Solventless Extraction uses the same method of extraction but, only water is used as the solvent.

Distillates are extracted through short path distillation through the technique of refining molecules and removal of contaminants producing a clean concentrate. This method produces a high purity level and Higher Vision  Cannabis’ Super Oil stands tall as a pure extract.

Higher Vision Cannabis

Higher Vision 2Higher Vision Cannabis’ goal is to heal the world with Cannabis and aims to unlock the vast healing potential of cannabis by producing medicine, fuel, food, and fiber. Starting with their Award-Winning creation, Super Oil – Higher Vision Cannabis vows to bring health and healing to the world by expanding to all things cannabis.

About Super Oil


Super Oil is a pure distillate with high terpenes and no additives. Higher Vision Cannabis uses organically grown flower with Conscious Cannabis Chemistry™ utilizing only organic alcohol as a solvent to produce our Super Oil. Super Oil is one product that has a variety of applications – It is dabbable, edible, vapeable and topically active. All their products are SC Labs tested and certified. The quality of Super Oil is guaranteed pure considering the triple testing process carried on the product to test for mycotoxins, pesticides and residual solvent insuring clean, safe medicine for Higher Vision Cannabis’  patients.
Higher Vision Cannabis is set to hit Collectives and Recreational stores in July of 2017. Keep an eye out for Higher Vision Cannabis’s – Super Oil near you!

In this saturated Market it is hard to know who to trust. When it come to Quality call your Buds!

Edible Spotlight – EdiPure

Rainbow BeltsEdiPure is a respected brand among edible brands. Among the first companies to be licensed for the production of edible medical cannabis as early as 2010 making it one of the oldest and the largest in the US.

One of the factors responsible for the uniqueness of EdiPure product is the process of producing each product. Apart from infusing the specific amount of THC extracted using lab grade reagents and methods for making each product, making consumers get the required benefit from each edible, the edibles are also individually tested to ascertain they have the best quality.

EdiPure edibles are potent alternative medicine for chronic pain conditions, anxiety and depression and insomnia. A proprietary approach used through the infusion of THC into the edible reduces the cannabis taste to become less noticeable in all EdiPure products.

Precise THC Dosing

EdiPure SamplesEdiPure products are made of different dosage of THC to soothe the need of various patients whether new or old. Using a 3-day infusion process which is the first in the edible industry, EdiPure takes great care to ensure each product come out to the best quality and standard. To infuse the right dose of THC into each product, EdiPure starts by using the safest extraction technique to extract rich THC crystals from marijuana plants. These crystals are double heated in two stages until the finest EdiPure Elixir is produced and this is eventually infused into edibles free of any form of contaminants and potency not compromised.

With the meticulous process of production, a high level of accuracy is achieved and the consistency in dosage is guaranteed. Patients can consistently adjust their dosage intake as they progress in medical usage.

EdiPure Gummies Variety

EdiPure gummies comes in various sizes and shapes with many flavors to the delight of consumers. Also are varieties of dosage for each product to suit varying patient’s intake capacity. Listed below are EdiPure gummies and their corresponding available dosage.



THC Dosage Full Plant CBD Dosage
100mg 250mg 500mg 50mg
Bears ·           ·           ·           ·          
Cherry Bombs ·           ·             ·          
Cherry Cola Bottles ·           ·             ·          
Cinnamon Bears ·           ·             ·          
Edipuffs ·           ·             ·          
Tropical Fruits Mix ·           ·             ·          
Gummy Cubes ·           ·             ·          
Peach Banana Rings ·           ·           ·           ·          
Pink Grapefruit ·           ·             ·          
Rainbow Worms ·           ·           ·           ·          
Raspberry Jelly ·           ·             ·          
Rasta Fish ·           ·             ·          
Red Delicious Apples ·           ·             ·          
Red Fish ·           ·             ·          
Rocky Rope ·           ·             ·          
Sour Sea Creatures ·           ·             ·          
Sweet n’ Sours ·           ·             ·          
Watermelon Tarts ·           ·             ·          
Wild Strawberries ·           ·             ·          
M.R.E’s Meds. Ready. To. Eat. (Variety Pack) ·           ·             ·          

The Good Stuff Tonics: Medicated Kombucha

What is The Good Stuff Tonics?


Born with a vision of creating healthy edibles, The Good Stuff Tonics are natural products made from organic ingredients available locally. A careful and in-depth study of the cannabis industry shows that lots of edible products have compromised standards. As a better alternative that can be trusted, The Good Stuffs Tonics will be serving the whole Food market to meet the growing demand for Cannabis Infused Kombucha

The Good Stuffs Tonics production procedure involves multi-stage testing and analysis to ensure that it is free of Pesticides and microbial to ultimately exceed the standard quality and potency. We believe in the “Entourage Effect” and work to create products that offer a full spectrum cannabinoid profile.

Kombucha and The Gut

The gut is the center of our health. Research in recent time started to piece together this know fact on our health and mental health. The result shows that 90% of our serotonin is created by bacteria in the gut which is responsible for a person happiness and mood. It further indicates that the functionality of bacteria in the gut can be improved in diets by taking fermented foods such as Kombucha.

A study on Crohn’s  patient further revealed the efficacy of this benefit. A total of twenty-one patients were examined, and eleven had Crohn’s (10 placebo). 11 patients were served with Crohn’s two sativa joints a day. The study results showed that 10 out of 11 patients responded positive and 5 patients experienced a complete remission from symptoms. The study proves that if synergistically combined, it will create great medicine and this is what our product does.

THC Kombucha

wp-1490562443021.jpgGood Stuff Tonic’s THC Product includes Ginger Apple and Crimson Root Kombucha which provide a fermented, fizzy, tasty experience with the added benefits of THC. A 16oz bottle contains Billions of live probiotics created naturally through the fermentation process. The end product of the fermentation is an Organic, GMO-Free edible that will make you feel fantastic. It is a huge boost to fighting inflammation and other challenges to the Digestive system.

CBD Kombucha

Good Stuff Tonic’s CBD Product, on the other hand, is Blueberry Fields high in CBD and comes with 50mg CBD and 4mg THC. THC is a medicine some users are more sensitive to than others or just want to avoid the heavy psychoactivity. We brand blueberry field High as “Relaxed Focus and Minimal High”. Thanks to the low amount of THC, more of the Kombucha can be consumed allowing the potential for greater medicinal impact for the THC-sensitive or those with the 4mg of THC allowing some psychoactivity. 


When it comes to Quality call your Buds

King Extracts: The King Ready-To-Vape Vaporizer

The King Ready-To-Vape Vaporizer is not the average Vape Pen you come across on the shelve. Designed as an Innovative technology that is supported and developed from the highest grade DSCN0623-001materials and advanced technology, its unique design, slim sleek and portable to conceal and fits into pocket or bag. Its never-leak design and see-through extraction level window makes usage reliable and absolves users from the uncertainty or worry of trying to find the right level when on the go. This portable device will deliver more quality vape experience and outstanding performance.

The design has a blend of style that will precede the want for spoken words and guarantees the exception you assume with the performance level you hope for. That is an appropriate vape for any vape fanatic that prefers a degree of particular fashion for reflecting the messages that they need to carry.

Rated as an exceptional model in its class, The King Ready-To-Vape Vaporizer has a unique Vortex Tip that stands out with a quieter delivery of vapor when used. The design makes users feel the right amount of resistance needed for each draws making a perfect and smooth experience. Users get to enjoy the massive vapor for every pull with a density that is dependent on the force of intake and the length of time vapor is held.

The extraction liquid chamber is a molded, no-sponge reservoir that prevents leaking and liquid contamination. The durability is assured and extracts not compromised by any foreign matter due to contamination.

The heating element is made of a non-chromium element which makes it much safer and resistant to corrosion. This allows extractions more evenly heated than what is found in regular vaporizers resulting in the precise temperature for vaporization of our extracts.

This device is also equipped with smart technology with an integrated flex circuit to deliver the required power to each of the components inside the vaporizer. This replaces the common hand-soldered wires that can are not reliable and eliminates the high failure rate related to hand soldering and ensures continuous distribution of power to all components of the device.

It has an intelligent, advanced microprocessor that Controls the temperature regulation of the heating element to prolong the battery life of the King Vaporizer. This guarantees the maximum amount of puffs is delivered with each device.

King Extracts: The King Ready-to-Vape Vaporizer is exclusively available to Members of Quality Buds. When it comes to Quality call your Buds!

In order to have access the Medical Cannabis Products and Services provided by our affiliated Exclusive Collectives you must provide Quality Buds with your doctors recommendation for medical cannabis, and a proof of California Residency (CA ID).

Kim’s Candy – Gourmet Vegan Truffles

Truffle represents style, class, and quality which represent what this brand stands for. With patients that have higher tolerance but in dear need of a pressing medication, the concept of combining truffles and chocolate with cannabis infused in between makes this product functional and tasteful delight. Chocolate, in essence, distracts the taste buds from medicinal aftertaste and it’s similar to the makeup of truffles which is chocolate altogether.


Kim’s Candy – Dark Chocolate Vegan Truffle

Each batch is  strain specific and there are two types of Cannabis products used. One is made of a combination of flower material and vegan butter while the other is a blend of condensed coconut milk with concentrate medical cannabis. This variety handles the first and second wave effects experienced by consumers.

Kim’s Candy stands out as a product enjoyed and loved by people. Produced from a highly conscientious effort of a good standard, Kim’s Candy remains a high-quality vegan product of many delights. Handcrafted by a Certified Food Protection Manager and tested for both potency and safety, it remains a healthier option to some untested products found around whose THC levels were generated via assumption without proper laboratory analysis; this portends danger of the wrong dosage to consumers.

Proper use of this truffle requires adhering to the right dosage. The truffle comes as 110 mg each. A frequent user may be able to have the whole truffle daily, but a less frequent user may want to start with 1/4 maybe weekly and see how they feel before having more.

The effects of edibles can start 20-90 minutes after ingestion and can last 4-12 hours, so they are a commitment. Onset and intensity of these effects can be affected by a patient’s weight, tolerance, and even what food has been recently consumed. Once started on a truffle, it is necessary the truffle is kept refrigerated if it won’t be consumed in the same day. Also, the need to keep it from children and others

Kim’s Candy looks forward to meeting customer desires for an improved variety, more sophisticated methods of removing the medicinal taste are researched opening up more possibilities of not masking this taste with stronger flavors. Please remember to KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN and watch out for more lower sugar products and other allergen – friendly edibles.