Medical Cannabis: Edibles

What are Edibles?

The current trend shows that many medical marijuana patients are exploring medication beyond the common pipe and paper. Edibles remain a more acceptable mode of consumption among many. For cannabis consumers, “edibles” are any form of food, ingestible tincture or beverage, that has been infused with Medical Cannabis.

It is called by other names such as medibles, space cakes, or firecrackers. Edibles also help provide variety to patients who cannot smoke their cannabis or simply choose not to. Edible cannabis products have a stronger effect than those of inhaled marijuana but take a little longer for effect to be felt. We will consider the benefits of ingesting marijuana here for a responsible consumption

Edibles You Eat

Marijuana edibles are made in the form of cannabis-infused oil or butter because of cannabinoids, the psychoactive compounds peculiar to marijuana, are only soluble in alcohols and lipids. They are used in cooking or baking products such as brownies, candy, chocolate bars, cookies and spreads after they are extracted into one of these substances.
When edible is consumed indiscriminately, consuming too much can result in an unpleasant experience. The rate of impact felt by each consumer varies depending on many factors. Factors such as the tolerance level, metabolism, full or empty stomach of the user all contribute to the impact. This calls for a careful selection of dosage considering these factors. Many dispensaries recommend 10mg as a first dose. User can gradually adjust their dosage from this point on.

Edibles You Drink

wp-1490245696062.jpgDue to its solubility in alcohol, people add cannabinoids in brandy or rum. It can also be added to coffee, tea and other beverages. Soda and Lemonade can be made into edibles with the right technology to produce a non-cannabis taste but a sweet carbonated beverage infused with tinctures

Benefits of Cannabis Infused Edibles

Cannabis consumed orally goes into the blood stream when broken down and digested in the stomach is absorbed in the intestines. It makes it a healthier alternative to smoking thereby preventing consumers from harmful carbon, tar, carcinogens, etc.
Edibles that contains high cannabidiol (CBD) are not only useful to reduce nausea in patients with eating and digestive disorders, but also a vital source of essential nutrients and calories. This also applies to cancer patients suffering from nausea as a result of their treatments, and hyperemesis (morning sickness) in expecting mothers.
Depending on what serves different patients be it its safe method of medication or the long-acting effect experienced when ingested compared to fast-acting effect when smoked, edible is chosen as patients preferred method of consumption.
Be it for medical or recreational purposes; Marijuana infused as edibles can be found in cannabis shops where an in-depth information on the compounds used in their products can be ascertained. Edibles are common with baked products like cakes, cookies, and brownies but not limited to these. They are available in practically every food and drink.

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