Difference Between THC and CBD


Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol also known as CBD and THC respectively are two important extracts of the marijuana plant and they belong the particular class of compounds called Cannabinoids. THC are in abundance in many strains of marijuana, but strains with High-CBD are rare.

CBD is more popular for medical usage due to its properties that are unique. One of the richly valued properties of CBD is the non-psychoactive property. And couple with its antipsychotic properties. Research shows that CBD reduces the psychoactive effect that is familiar with THC consumption, dampening the extreme high that THC would have caused.
Also in addition to the ability to manage the extreme negative of THC, CBD is also being used in the treatment of schizophrenia.

Widespread use of Cannabis

Cannabis has found its application in different popular consumable products making it more appealing and friendly to consume in recent years, a total departure from years of neglect. Due to the ability of Cannabinoids to dissolve in alcohol, it has become useful in making edible drinks such as medical Marijuana beverages available in dispensaries.
Another popular use of cannabis is in the making of topical cannabis salves, and body rubs used as pain creams. They are rubbed on the skin making them very efficient with no need for inhalation or consumption. They are used to soothe pains and aches, be it headaches, rashes, soreness psoriasis and inflammation.

Benefits of THC & CBD

Starting with THC, THC is responsible for the ‘’high’’ gotten from marijuana plant and when properly used helps the body to relax, reduce aggression and also helps the appetite. It also has a medical application in reducing nausea, improves spasticity and bladder function. It is an excellent pain killer, reduces pressure on the eyes and can lessen tremors in the case of spinal cord injury.
On the other hand, despite sharing the same chemical formula with THC, CBD has its atoms differently arranged making it non-psychoactive. CBD creates a balance to the extremes of THC by working together to reduce psychotic symptoms, relief convulsion, reduces anxiety and inflammation. CBD has many medical benefits like in treating Schizophrenia, depression and in reducing pain.

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