Kim’s Candy – Gourmet Vegan Truffles

Truffle represents style, class, and quality which represent what this brand stands for. With patients that have higher tolerance but in dear need of a pressing medication, the concept of combining truffles and chocolate with cannabis infused in between makes this product functional and tasteful delight. Chocolate, in essence, distracts the taste buds from medicinal aftertaste and it’s similar to the makeup of truffles which is chocolate altogether.

Each batch is strain specific and there are two types of Cannabis products used. One is made of a combination of flower material and vegan butter while the other is a blend of condensed coconut milk with concentrate medical cannabis. This variety handles the first and second wave effects experienced by consumers.

Kim’s Candy stands out as a product enjoyed and loved by people. Produced from a highly conscientious effort of a good standard, Kim’s Candy remains a high-quality vegan product of many delights. Handcrafted by a Certified Food Protection Manager and tested for both potency and safety, it remains a healthier option to some untested products found around whose THC levels were generated via assumption without proper laboratory analysis; this portends danger of the wrong dosage to consumers.

Proper use of this truffle requires adhering to the right dosage. The truffle comes as 110 mg each. A frequent user may be able to have the whole truffle daily, but a less frequent user may want to start with 1/4 maybe weekly and see how they feel before having more.

The effects of edibles can start 20-90 minutes after ingestion and can last 4-12 hours, so they are a commitment. Onset and intensity of these effects can be affected by a patient’s weight, tolerance, and even what food has been recently consumed. Once started on a truffle, it is necessary the truffle is kept refrigerated if it won’t be consumed in the same day. Also, the need to keep it from children and others

Kim’s Candy looks forward to meeting customer desires for an improved variety, more sophisticated methods of removing the medicinal taste are researched opening up more possibilities of not masking this taste with stronger flavors. Please remember to KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN and watch out for more lower sugar products and other allergen – friendly edibles.

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